Gila National Forest – Round Fire June 21, 2017 @ 1000

Location:  Aldo Leopold Wilderness, Black Range Ranger District

Start Date:      June 6, 2017               Size:    6,577 acres      Cause: Lightning

Vegetation:    Ponderosa pine and grass with a mixed conifer component

Resources:     Five wildland fire modules, 4 engines, 2 EMTs, 1 water tender and other fire personnel with a total of 96.

Containment: 0% (managed for multiple resource objectives)

Summary: The Round Fire is burning on the Gila National Forest in the Aldo Leopold Wilderness. Infrared flight yielded updated acreage yesterday. The fire is being managed for multiple objectives with the primary objective of maintaining and restoring fire’s natural role in the forest. The fire will restore and enhance diverse ecosystems including Mexican Spotted Owl habitat. By fire maintaining its natural role in the ecosystem, the potential for catastrophic wildfire is reduced.

The fire behavior continues at low to moderate intensity. Resources are continuing to mop up and hold on Forest Road 500 and monitoring fire as it backs onto a portion of Diamond Creek. Some precipitation was received on portions of the fire and moderated fire behavior.

There are no area, road, or trail closures relating to the Round Fire at this time. The Gila National Forest is currently open to the public. Public may experience smoky conditions if driving on FS Road 226 and/or State Highway 59. There are numerous fire personnel driving and working along Forest roads 226 and 500, please keep your speeds low while traveling the area.

Smoke can hurt your eyes, irritate your respiratory system, and intensify chronic heart and lung problems. Your eyes are your best tools to determine if it’s safe to be outside. If visibility is over 5 miles, the air quality is generally good. If you are having health effects from smoke exposure then take extra care to stay inside or get to an area with better air quality. You should also see your doctor or healthcare professional as needed. For information on air quality and protecting your health, and to find guidance on distances and visibility, please visit  Air quality reports are posted on Inciweb.  Fire information can be found at or

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