Lincoln National Forest – White Horse Fire Update – 7/15/17 1:45 pm

Jurisdiction: Lincoln National Forest, Smokey Bear Ranger District

Date/Time Detected: 07/07/17   3:15pm

Location: Approximately 14 miles northwest of Ruidoso, NM in the White Mountain Wilderness.

Lat/Long: Lat 33°, 27′, 20.67″ x Long 105°, 50′, 48.84″

Legal Description:  T10S, R10E, Sec 12

Firefighting Resources:  One Forest Service engine, plus overhead.

Values at Risk: None identified at this time

Hazards: Terrain, snags

Fuels: Grass, brush, and timber

Size: 20 acres

Containment:  100%

Cause: Lightning

Current Status:
7/15/17, 1:45 pm: The White Horse Fire is 100% contained and controlled. The fire is receiving moisture from thunderstorms in the area. Crews will continue to monitor the area over the coming days. This will be the finals post for the White Horse Fire unless there is a significant change.

Previous Updates:

7/12/2017, 4:00 pm: The Lincoln National Forest continues to manage the White Horse Fire, burning 14 miles northwest of Ruidoso. The fire has not received precipitation yet and it continues to smolder and creep. The lightning-caused fire began on July 7 and is currently at 20 acres, burning in grass, brush and some timber.  Fire crews have reduced to minimal staffing, with a continued emphasis to monitor, confine, and contain the fire. The next post will Saturday unless there is a significant change to report.

7/11/2017, 4:00 pm: Forest Service fire personnel continue to monitor the White Horse Fire. Fire lines are still secure with some interior smokes present. Due to the lack of moisture the containment level remains at 80%. Precipitation is expected in the area this weekend.

7/10/2017,  5:30pm: Crews continue to secure the fire line and work towards full containment. Containment continues to hold at 80%. The next post will be tomorrow evening around 6:00 pm.

7/9/2017, 6:30pm: The White Horse Fire is 80 percent contained as of 4:00 pm today. Fire resources performed mop-up operations through out the day and are returning home for the evening. District personnel will continue to patrol and monitor the area tomorrow morning.

7/9/2017, 9:45 am: The fire lines established during yesterday’s operations continue to be secure. Smokey Bear Ranger District fire resources will continue mop-up, patrol and monitoring of the burn area today. The hot shot crew was released from the White Horse fire this morning.

7/8/2017, 6:30pm: One hot shot crew arrived at 1:15 pm and immediately began full fire suppression operations in conjunction with the engine already on scene. Firefighters worked today to secure the perimeter of the White Horse Fire. The fire is surrounded on all sides by trails except for the southwest corner where it was described as is “creeping in pine needles”.  All operations were normal today and the fire line is secure for the night. Resources are departing for the evening and will return tomorrow morning to continue mop-up, patrol and monitoring of the fire.

7/8/2017, 12:15 pm: A Forest Service engine crew hiked to the fire this morning to conduct a preliminary on-the-ground size-up of the fire. The fire is 20 acres and described as “smoldering and creeping”. It is surrounded on all sides by trails except for the southwest corner where it is creeping in pine needles. A 20-person hotshot crew is enroute to the fire. The plan is to begin full suppression tactics as soon as they arrive on scene.

7/7/17, 9:30pm:  Approximately 26 firefighters will mobilize to the White Horse Fire burning in the White Mountain Wilderness tomorrow morning (7/8/17).  Due to the remote location of the fire, an aerial reconnaissance flight was conducted this afternoon in order to obtain a preliminary size-up of the fire.  When firefighters arrive on scene tomorrow, they will provide an updated size-up from their “on-the-ground” vantage point. As of tonight, the fire is being monitored from some distance away, but the plan is to begin full suppression tactics as soon as the ground forces reach the fire (tomorrow morning).  Fire behavior is described as “low to the ground and burning at a low intensity.”

Regarding smoke, in the event of a prescribed fire or wildfire: If visibility becomes lower because of smoke, please visit the NM Department of Health’s smoke page:

PIOs: Laura Walsh,  505-681-2837 or Loretta Benavidez,  575-430-5546

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