Lincoln National Forest: Cherry Fire Update July 19, 2020

Smoke from the Cherry Fire can be seen from the bottom of the Sacramento Mountains as thunderstorms roll in.

Smoke from the Cherry Fire can be seen from the bottom of the Sacramento Mountains from Alamogordo. Afternoon showers are predicted in the fire area today and tomorrow. 

Fire Grows to 17 acres; 60% Chance of Rain Predicted

Location: 0.6 miles west of West Side Rd. in Cherry Canyon. Approx. 7.5 miles from High Rolls.

Date Detected: July 16, 2020

Lat/Long: 32°50’32.1″N, 105°49’54.49″W

Size: 17 acres

Cause: Lightning

Fire Resources: 2 utility vehicles + personnel, 2 engines, 1 bulldozer, 1 water tender, plus support personnel

Fire Update: The Cherry Fire grew to 17 acres yesterday but remains a low-intensity fire moderated by high humidity levels and precipitation. Fire managers develop a plan for every fire, which includes tactical decisions specific to each incident. On the Cherry Fire, managers are using a confine and contain strategy, which means fire personnel are holding fire growth to a defined area. Yesterday firefighters made significant progress in securing the east side of fire utilized a technique called back burning (aka firing operations), which removes fuel and slows fire growth.  Today crews will continue to secure fire lines along the north side of the fire and monitor the fire perimeter. The fire is not moving to the tops of the trees, which can cause extensive damage. Instead, it remains mostly on the forest floor where it is consuming pine needles, twigs, branches, and excess brush. Larger amounts of smoke compared to previous days are expected today and tomorrow and will be visible from Alamogordo.  The Chery Fire poses no danger to any structures or infrastructure within the area. The general public is reminded to avoid the area to not interfere with firefighting efforts.

Smoke: Smoke will be seen over the next few days from Alamogordo, West Side Road, High Rolls, Mountain Park, and from the top of the mountain in the Alamo Peak and Karr Canyon areas. Smoke is currently drifting southeast but will shift directions with the wind and may settle into low lying areas overnight.

Weather: Weather often dictates how a fire will spread. Moderate temperatures in the upper-70s and high humidity levels of 40% are expected today.  There will be light winds out of the south/southwest at 10-15 mph and a 60% chance of rain today and tomorrow.

Daily fire updates can be expected each afternoon until they are no longer warranted.

Public and Media Fire Information Line: 575-208-4402.

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