New Fire Start: Cora Dutton Fire, Lincoln National Forest, Smokey Bear Ranger District

Incident Name – Cora Dutton Fire

Jurisdiction: Lincoln National Forest, Smokey Bear Ranger District

Size: 21 Acres

Cause: Human Caused

Date/Time Detected: Dec. 30, 2021, 1:50 pm

Location: 1/2 mile south of Nogal Lake off of Highway 37. Near Ranchos Camp and Cora Dutton.

Firefighting Resources: Forest Service and Lincoln County firefighters are on scene.

Fuel Type:  This is primarily a grass fire meaning it will travel quickly, but does not burn as hot.

Smoke: Smoke will be visible in the area and from Highway 37, but should dissipate overnight.

Values at Risk: Adjacent private land

Fire Update: Lincoln county and Forest Service firefighters responded to a grass fire this afternoon off of Highway 37. Forward progression of the fire has been stopped. Firefighters will work to put out hot spots and monitor the fire into the evening. Smoke will be visible from the highway, but should clear by tomorrow.

This will be the first and last post for the Cora Dutton Fire unless there is a significant change.

This is the third fire in this region of the state in the past week. The other fires were on private or Department of Defense land. Limited rain and snow over the past months has led to drier conditions. Winds over the past days have also contributed to fuel, particularly grasses, drying out. Please use caution with fires and equipment (including vehicles) that could cause a wildfire.

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